19 Education Video Games

Video games are often thought of as mind melting and desensitizing. While these accusations may be true for several games it is not true for all. In fact, there are numerous educational video games that have proven to aid students in learning new skills like problem solving and creativity expansion, all while having fun. Several schools have even hopped on the video game bandwagon incorporating them into their educational curriculum. Home Schools have also found educational video games to be beneficial in their curriculum as well. Below, you will find a list of 19 education video games that present high quality academic content in a fun and enjoyable way for students ranging from kindergarden to high school.

Games for Xbox, Wii, or Playstation:

#1 My Word Coach

My Word Coach game

Available on both Wii and Nintendo DS gaming platforms is a linguist designed video game to aid students in improving their verbal communication skills. My Word Coach offers students six different entertaining, word-based games. As if this game couldn’t get any better, it includes a 17,000 word dictionary built right into its system.

#2 uDraw Studio: Instant Artist

uDraw Studio: Instant Artist game

Some students need a little coaxing to help bring out his or her creative side. If you find your child struggling with creativity then uDraw Studio: Instant Artist is the educational video game for them. Within this drawing device, players are encouraged to find their creativity through different virtual games as well as create masterpieces utilizing the drawing tools provided through the games encouraging platform.

#3 Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster

Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster game

Meant for younger learners, the Once Upon a Monster video game incorporates favorite Sesame Street characters such as Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and Elmo to read fun and exciting kid stories. These stories are meant to engage and stimulate your youngsters to find learning fun.

#4 Smarty Pants

Children and parents alike will thoroughly enjoy playing this Electronic Arts trivia game. The game quizzes and topics will somewhat remind you of the awarding winning game of Trivial Pursuit. Smarty Pants topics include science, history, sports, art etc - each challenging players to answer correctly and expand their skill set.

#5 Reader Rabbit

Reader Rabbit game

Reader Rabbit is a game series that presents student with reading based educational games. These mini games come in variety of levels for ages 7 through 17.

#6 National Geographic Challenge

National Geographic Challenge game

Xbox brings you a fun and challenging game to help expand your child’s geographic knowledge. This platform offers fun and educational learning through quizzes, puzzles and world exploration.

#7 Escape Adventure Island

Escape Adventure Island game

Jump Start has created Escape Adventure Island for the Wii platform to entice young learners into practicing critical thinking, math, science, and reading - all while earning virtual rewards as they play. Did we mention the game is 3D? Name a kid that would not love learning in 3D.

#8 Storybook Workshop

Storybook Workshop game

Storybook Workshop is a bargain priced game created for the Wii platform perfect for the young tike ready to learn to read. The game features sixteen fairy tales that your child can either choose to listen to or perform along with. Storybook Workshop encourages your child to sing along with each chapter and offers you the capability to even record your star as they read/sing the stories.

#9 LittleBIGPlanet 2

LittleBIGPlanet-2 game

LittleBIGPlanet 2 is perfect for grooming your child’s problem solving skills. The game not only hosts amazing graphics to stimulate your child’s interest but it also lets your child navigate through a wondrous landscape, solving puzzles, and finding objects to encourage their intellectual abilities.

#10 Portal 2

Portal-2: Aperture Laboratories - game

Portal 2 is a mind game that encourages players to utilize their wits in order to escape Aperture Laboratories and defeat the power-mad robot at the end of the storyline. Not to mention, Portal 2 has been ranked as of the top educational games of all time. This mentally challenging game is not only memorable but one hell of an experience.

#11 Brain and Body Connection

In Brain and Body Connection students are encouraged to push their minds and bodies to excel past the thresholds they never thought they could surpass. This game is family friendly and readily hosts group as well as individual play.

Games for PC or Mac Computers:

#12 SimCity

SimCity isn’t all fun and games, it also teaches valuable lessons about our environment, community, and even natural disasters.

#13 Spore

Spore is one of the most enthralling evolution based games on the market. You begin the game as a single-celled organism and end up growing with your organism into colonization and even into space exploration. Players hold the power to design their own creatures as they evolve by adding traits as well as behaviors that will prove to either help or hinder your creatures survival as it faces evolution. This game is highly addictive, wildly fun, and educational without realization.

#14 Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew is a great game

Nancy Drew is a great game to encourage your kids to utilize their problem solving and critical thinking skills through mystery game challenges with detective Nancy Drew herself.

#15 ItzaBitza

ItzaBitza brings drawings to life! This game is designed to aid early readers in fine tuning their skill set as well as expanding their levels of creativity, language, and confidence.

#16 Crazy Machines: The Wacky Contraptions Game

Crazy Machines allows your imagination to run wild! The Wacky Contraptions game encourages you to build an original machines all from scratch, then test it out! If you are looking for a game geared towards science then this is the one for you, as it touches on electricity, physics, particle effects, and gravity.

#17 Brainiversity

Brainiversity is specifically meant for Windows OS and is designed to upkeep your child’s brain health. It is constantly mentally training your child through different brain teasing sessions that cover memory, analysis, language and math.

#18 Civilization

Civilization teaches players how to build and run empires. Your child will learn lessons on modern and ancient cultures, the fundamentals of human society, as well as how to strategize. If your child loves history then this game is a perfect match.

#19 Hearing Music

Hearing Music is a great game for kids between the ages of 5 & 11 years old needing a boost with their hearing skills. The game helps students to learn more on the subject of music by providing them with a fun and exciting game-focused learning method.